Have you ever thought that you wanted to expand your leadership skills?  Have you ever wanted to know how to inspire those around you?  


Do you know someone who has immense talent but hasn’t had the opportunity to showcase it yet? 

If you have answered yes or maybe to any of these questions or a specific person comes to mind – you are in luck.  The Minnesota Chapter of MPI Board Nominations are now open.  In a process that takes all of 5 minutes you can nominate yourself or an MPI colleague for a board position. 

A very wise person – former MPI MN Chapter President, Dianna Fuller, CMP, CMM – advised me to volunteer for the chapter.  She shared the best advice – “try something different, learn new skills – this is a great opportunity to learn and do something out of your normal job scope.”  Personally, it was the best thing someone shared with me, right before she handed me over to Ann-Margaret Young on the Strategic Alliances Committee. 

Now it is your chance folks – try something new.  We have the support ready for you to be a leader in your chapter.

Click here to learn more about the board nominations and timeline.

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