Marketing & Communications Committee 2017-2018

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The Marketing & Communications (Mar/Comm) committee is responsible for developing and executing a marketing strategy that is used to promote MPI’s mission and objectives, communicate effectively to our chapter members, as well as to encourage industry peers to become a part of this great group.

Vice President of Mar/Comm
The Vice President’s responsibilities are to provide oversight and leadership to the Marketing & Communication’s Committee Chairs including Newsletter, Web and Social Media. The Vice President will also oversee the marketing & communications strategy and execution, develop a marketing plan and create outreach and publicity for MPI; all the while ensuring compliance with MPI standards.

Director of Mar/Comm
The chief responsibilities of the Director are to successfully manage and lead the Marketing & Communications Committee, in addition to supporting the Vice President of Marketing Communications.

Newsletter (MN Matters)

  • Chair: Responsible for spearheading and editing the monthly Chapter Newsletter.
    • Manage team of “beat” writers that will research and write content for Monthly Newsletter
    • Work with OOP to receive President letter
    • Work collaboratively with Social Media to communicate and share information to be posted on newsletter and re-configured for Social Media Messaging
    • Work with Staff for Newsletter distribution
  • Vice Chair:
    • Support the chair in overseeing the newsletter. Ultimate goal to move up to chair position
  • Content Editor(s): Work with chair and vice chair to edit copy and ensure copy is on brand


  • Chair:
    • Lead team for website updates and functionality and on brand design
    • Ensure scheduled and deadlines are being met
    • Collaborating with Synergos to make updates as needed
  • Vice Chair:
    • Support website chair, but primary responsibility website content is functional and relevant
    • Content Liaison (2), responsible for identifying content to be updated

Social Media

  • Co-Chair
    • Position 1: Social Events Engagement Chair will ensure that MPIMN Social Media pages are sharing live event information with followers by posting the following for each event:
      • event follow up 
      • on-site event action
      • event teasers
      • The Social Events Engagement chair will work with secured photographers to collect professional event photographs and post to Vimeo for future use. The Social Events Engagement Chair will also collaborate with the Newsletter Chair to repurpose Newsletter articles and copy for social media consumption.​
    • Position 2: Social Media PR chair is responsible for the posting of MPI MN committee news, press releases and engagement with our sponsors, speakers, other MPI chapters, MPI Global and Event news sources (such as Biz Bash) on appropriate Social Media channels.  The Social Media PR chair will collaborate with MPIMN Committee VP’s and Directors to post social media requests via the “Copy Submission Form” including event sponsorship and membership updates.  

Team Members

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Director, Marketing & Communications
Member since 2017
Elizabeth Sherry
Development & Engagement Manager
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce